Pick a dream, any dream!

Here they are, my friends, like a deck of cards fanned out before you, my dreams. Arrayed in no particular order. You just pick a card, any card, and read away. You can start and end anywhere you like. The dreams are but a few pages each, and chances are you will want to read another and maybe another. They are as revealing as tarot cards are intimate, a mystical blend of past, present and future. I wish I had thought of this metaphor as I was writing, the persona of a clairvoyant, crusty crone eyeballing you into submission over a handful of divining cards suits the narrator–my seahorse/hippocampus–to a tee.


Sour grape aside, the titles below refer to the improvised dreams my seahorse plays for me, just to make me clear on who I am and why I am here and where I am going. Remember, though, that chapter titles can be deceiving, that a book cannot be judged by its cover, so, please, go ahead, pick one.

  1. Dream factory
  2. Village idiot
  3. Yellow canary
  4. Skunk cabbage
  5. Blonde hair hangs from a tower
  6. Divil
  7. Necktie quilt
  8. Big words
  9. Minne
  10. Sophia
  11. Tenor gasp, brown eye
  12. Fences to mend
  13. Three letters
  14. Nixon on the way
  15. Figure eight
  16. House of the good shepherd
  17. Bloody birthday
  18. Al Kufrah
  19. Mocking bird
  20. St. Anne Four
  21. Fat banana haikus
  22. Oued crossing
  23. Hither and yon, hither and you
  24. In the crosshairs
  25. You are retarded
  26. Judogi
  27. Stammtisch
  28. Fabulous betrayal
  29. Nineties Noah
  30. Urgent
  31. Concert in the yard
  32. Grinder
  33. King of names
  34. Dopo tutto
  35. Suffixes are whores
  36. Birchdew
  37. Rope
  38. Godspeed
  39. Dinosaurs without borders
  40. Promontory
  41. Orange is the way to go    (Previous posts have dealt with cover design, the premise of the book and the preface itself. Thanks for supporting indie authors! Michael / W.M. / William Michael)



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